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Roleplaying guide

Post by Ultuma on Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:57 pm

Tip #1 - Joining a RP

When joining a RP, in my opinion, you should try to put as much detail into an opening emote as possible so that others can try to understand your character. Some of the things you should consider are:

1 ) Stance - When your character is not moving, how does s/he stand? Brave and proud? Or perhaps cowering in fear?
2 ) Facial Expression - These are used to show a bit of emotion, how does your character feel and how can this be showed in their facial expression?
3 ) Stillness - How often does the character move around? Stillness can create quite a dramatic effect.
4 ) Pace - How quickly does your character move or talk? Is it slowly? Quickly? Is there any rhythm to it? Each of these have their own effect.
5 ) Posture - Rigid? Is the character old - If so, maybe a bit of a stoop?
6 ) Manner - Or they confident? Hesitant?
7 ) Gestures - Hand movements, mannerisms (e.g. tapping feet, biting nails, etc.)
8 ) Items - Does your character have any items? If so, it would be helpful to describe them, or link an image if allowed.
9 ) Character - Now, the actual character. How old are they? What motivations do they have for being at that place at that time? What is their status?
10 ) Proxemics - If you're RPing with someone else already and someone wants to join, what is the relationship between the characters?


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